How Much Does It Cost to Develop a WordPress Website?

Usually well established, large to medium-sized businesses choose this route. Basically, you can estimate the cost to be somewhere between a low-budget WordPress site and a WordPress site with more features. Constant Contact – One of the best email marketing services.

WordPress website cost

Again, the more specific designs and customization your job requires, the more you’re likely to be paying. Some agencies and freelancers may not work on flat rate, but hourly, and that same site might cost $50 to $150+ per hour. In talking with and researching WP pros who work on contract, we’ve found that a good middle ground for hourly pricing is around $75. But for most WordPress users, pricing a premium theme should definitely be on their to-do list. For instance, our flagship theme Divi comes as part of a membership package, purchased either annually or for a lifetime ($89 or $249, respectively). Other themes like Astra have Pro upgrades ($59 annually) from their free versions found on the theme repository.

The Real Cost of Building a WordPress Website in 2023

You can make changes to this theme later with plugins, so the key is to find a theme that fits the overall feel you want your website to have. When you register a domain name, you’re purchasing a site URL, or address, where users can go to view the contents of your web pages. I’m going to walk you through each category and how much they will actually cost you.

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Other times high-end managed WordPress hosting is the best option. Sometimes free themes and plugins will fit the bill, other times only the best premium themes or even a custom built design will do. If you are building a small WordPress website which does not require using a premium theme or any paid plugins, you can significantly reduce your How to create a WordPress websites. In this case, your WordPress costs will be defined by WordPress hosting and domain registration expenses, and can be as low as $10-20 monthly. While there are some great free plugins available, most security, performance, and backup plugins, as well as ecommerce extensions, are paid.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website In 2023?

Some plugins charge for their premium plans, which offer exclusive and premium features. The first factor is the type of website you need, such as a personal blog, e-commerce store, corporate website, or online portfolio. Each type of website has its own set of requirements and features that can impact the overall cost. On average, running a WordPress website can cost between $50 to $1000, and in this article, we will discuss the factors that affect the cost in more detail.

  • I recommend if you are a beginner go with a shared hosting plan.
  • More integrations, if you’re using other WordPress extensions, like creating an online store or launching an online course.
  • We’re not going to spit a single number at you, because your situation is unique.
  • is a free blogging platform where you do not require to pay any fees to start your own blog.
  • Building a small website doesn’t cost a lot of money because you typically don’t need too many paid plugins and extra tools to support it.
  • In this case, the cliché of “you have to spend money to make money” is wholly true.
  • Cost of developing a WordPress website will require you to spend anywhere between $46 – $100 a year.

When drawing up a budget for your WordPress site, consider the cost of six basic features. These include a plan , domain name, hosting (if using, theme, plugins, security, and developer fees. The cost of each ranges in price, and you can choose to distribute your spending based on the features you prioritize. For example, you might need to pay more for hosting if your website gets a lot of traffic, but you could pair that with one of WordPress’ free themes to save on design costs. You won’t necessarily need all the most expensive options when starting. WordPress is an open-source software, so it costs nothing to use.

Divi Hosting

To have minimal pricing, you should choose yearly hosting plans. WordPress is a powerful content management system that can help individuals and businesses create top-of-the-line websites, but it is not the only one on the market. In fact, there is a wide range of platforms that require less coding knowledge and offer more intuitive design solutions. Here is how WordPress stacks up against its top competitors. Two popular web hosting services, Dreamhost and HostGator, are both official recommended hosting solutions. They are optimized specifically for, have a one-click install for WordPress and provide unique in-house WordPress speed and security solutions.

WordPress website cost

WordPress is one of the most popular ways to create a business website, and while the software is free, the average cost varies depending on your goals and budget. You’ll also find themes that are more expensive, which is a little more common. For example, some theme developers have moved to more like ~$90, while you’ll even see some developers charging $200+ for a single theme. If you’re on a super tight budget, you can avoid these costs and use all free extensions, though you’ll likely need to make some sacrifices to do so.

How much does it cost to build an eCommerce website?

You can purchase your domain name on a website like GoDaddy or Bluehost. After choosing your plan, or if opting to build your site with, it’s time to think about your domain name. We’ll help you build a fully customized website that’s unique to your business. With our program,RainmakerFX, we’ll help you create a great website in just 30 days.

WordPress website cost

WordPress is free open source software, but that doesn’t mean WordPress costs nothing. A WordPress site requires a domain name and web hosting with premium themes and plugins costing a few dollars to hundreds extra per month. As a result, a WordPress website costs $50–$300 to build and maintain it yourself, or $400–$10,000+ for professional web development plus the cost of hosting and domain registration. The cost of running a WordPress blog typically ranges from $15 to $30 monthly, which includes WordPress hosting and domain registration costs. If you would like to use a premium theme or install a number of paid plugins, your monthly costs can double or even triple, reaching $100-$150.

Albeit, marketing is not a required activity to build a WP-based site. But if you want your site known to a target audience, then some form of web marketing is inevitable. The completion time for a WordPress-based site of average complexity is about 3 months. An example of a custom WordPress website in this category is This website has tens of information pages and a gamut of functionalities. One functionality that qualifies it to be an averagely complex site is its three uniquely built calculators.

WordPress website cost






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